Welcome to Women Rising

finding your center in the middle of life to dive deep into what matters and fuel your RISE

About Us

We are a collective of uncompromising women at or near the middle of life who desire a deeper understanding of ourselves, and more meaningful connections with other women who share our progressive values. 

We are here to explore the nuance of hard questions, cultivate a personal path to a more spiritual life that includes social and environmental justice, make thoughtful, well-informed decisions about how we participate with life, and liberate ourselves from our patriarchal society's bullshit in order to rise up into who we truly are and embody our values in a way that brings purpose, fulfillment, and vitality to ourselves, our families, and our communities. 

We're done with systems that were designed to keep us feeling too much and not enough all at once in order to capitalize on our insecurities. 

We own our shit, and take none.   

New members also receive a discounted Enneagram Assessment code. The Enneagram serves as a framework for much of what we do in here. Much more than some personality quiz, the Enneagram offers us a path to wholeness, vitality, and integration. 

We cover everything from Intuitive Development and Boundary Setting to Sexuality and Plant Medicine. 

If you've ever found yourself feeling like you were too much and not enough all at once - this space is for you.

If you've ever found yourself giving far fewer fucks in life and still caring so deeply about what matters it almost breaks you in half - this space is for you.

If you're a bit of a misfit or rebelle and long to be a part of a community who sees you - this space is for you.

Why You Should Join Us

When you embody the the wholeness of who you are, you transform your entire life. Being truly seen and having meaningful connections to like hearted humans (most especially in these times) will be both a lifeline and a springboard through your best and worst days.

You'll experience better relationships, clarity of vision and purpose, a deeper connection to the wisdom of your body, and the courage and confidence to live your truth in every aspect of your life.

We are better together. So let's get better, together!  

What You Get From Us

  • Exclusive content, live workshops, focused challenges, and open space discussions on what matters most to you, led by women who are just like you
  • A well-organized, well-designed, ad-free community that wants to see you and serve you. This isn't Facebook and you're not just another user to bring in ad money for some billionaire. Your info is safe and secure here.
  • Early access and major discounts to all events and experiences at The Farm (located near Chattanooga, TN)
  • Outings and Adventures your entire family is welcome to join in on. We have day trips and weekend getaways around the Tri-State area such as hiking, museums, ziplining, swims, picnics, horseback riding, poetry readings, concerts, etc....
  • Plenty of magic and mischief to keep you engaged and delighted! 
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